The Podiatry Place @ Henley has a 24hr cancellation and non-attendance policy.

Unfortunately as time has gone on, we have had an increase in late cancellations and non-attendance rates.

We absolutely understand that things can sometimes be out of your control, and we will always do our best to accommodate for these circumstances. However, as a small and busy clinic, we need to consider and prioritise our ever-growing waitlist, our existing patients in need of regular care and our podiatrists and their valuable time.

If you do need to cancel an appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours prior notice to your appointment time. This will assist us in utilising our time to serve our community more efficiently and avoid us needing to charge you a late cancellation fee of $40. This fee will also apply to appointments where non-attendance occurs.

We understand that life is very busy, and things can slip our minds, however, we do our best to ensure that you are aware of your upcoming appointment. We are always happy to note down your upcoming appointment, remind you of it if you aren't sure of the details, and you will always receive an automated reminder from us prior to your scheduled appointment.

Additionally, to ensure fairness for our staff and other patients, if you are late to your appointment, you will not receive additional time during your appointment to make up for it. Also, appointment fees will not be adjusted according to timing. We encourage you to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure full use of your allocated spot.

This policy also applies to our Medicare (EPC/Team Care Arrangement), Workcover, DVA and Insurance clients.

We appreciate your support and understanding regarding this policy update. We would rather not be charging extra fees, however, being a small business, we rely greatly on our timed schedule so we can provide the best care possible to everyone!

We appreciate your continued support,

Hayley & the team.