Helen Nguyen

Podiatrist; BPod

Hey there! Let me introduce myself—I'm Helen. I am a qualified podiatrist who graduated from the University of South Australia in 2022 with a Bachelor's of Podiatry.

My favourite podiatry interests include general and Diabetic foot care. I also enjoy working with musculosketal injuries, dermatology and paediatric concerns.

Being a podiatrist is all about healing and improving the well-being of individuals by focusing on their feet. One of the things that truly lights me up is the opportunity to connect to my patients on a personal level. I look forward to listening to their stories, understanding their concerns, and working together towards personalised goals and management plans.

When it comes to my interests, I am an avid baker. I like to constantly try out new loaf recipes to share with my friends and family. In particular, I enjoy baking cupcakes and am looking to up skill my decorative icing techniques. I also enjoy staying fit and active by lifting weights and doing outdoor activities.

Through this introduction, I hope to share my genuine excitement and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care. I am excited to learn, grow, and witness the incredible transformations that take place as we work together towards better foot health.

Here's to making a positive impact and helping you put your best foot forward. HELEN NGUYEN